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If you know anyone of Albanian nationality or any nationality who was a victim of the September 11 attacks, we ask you to share your grief and hold a remembrance for them by lighting a ceremonial candle.  You can also light a candle to show Support for America and Hope for the future.  Thank You.

Your candle will be lit within 24 hours, please check back to view your candle.


amerika is the country of hope, freedom and liberty of million and million people throught the world.  god bless amerika

God bless Albania and America! Te rrojne ata qe mbeten pas tyre.

May God hold all of us, animals and people, in His tender graces.

America is the best!!! E bekuar qofshe Shqiperia

Unforgoten are those that left this world! God bless all of us! Tė gjithe tė bashkuar pėr nje botė tė ndriēur!..GB

USA is strong, and will be able to defend itself, on behalf of all those innocent people, who lost their life on the attack of September 11.

God Bless
the U.S.A.

USA - Israel is mourning with you!
- Anat & Friends

Be strong & Beat them

Loving remembrance and prayers.

We must never forget, but stand in Unity, for Love, Light, and Freedom

The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine
enemies thy footstool
110:1                - CT Low

USA-Israel is with you !
- Nahama

God Bless America
Peace to All
- Charles & Elaine

Peace to all!!!
- Dorit Amster-Bisno

Our sisters and brothers in U.S.A - We know the pain of Sep.11 because we see it everyday…

- Dan Geltzer

Our sisters and brothers in U.S.A - We know the pain of Sep.11 because we see it everyday…

- Dan Geltzer

May God bless America, Israel's biggest ally and friend.

- Lea Chohen

God Bless
- Liz

For the familys and friends of september 11th victims
- Danni

God Bless America!!! To all of the victims families I hope that what everyone around the world is doing to keep the victims spirits alive in our hearts in some way eases your pain. God Bless America - Keaghlan

In remembrance
- Christine

God Bless America.. we wont forget.
- The Abares